Why Bother With PR and Marketing Anyway?

Have you ever come up against internal pressures like that question? If you work for a tech company, it’s all too common for some to think marketing and PR are a waste of time.

Watch this replay to not only help you make the case for demonstrating the importance of marketing and PR in tech, but go beyond that to explore what is worth your time and attention and how to prioritize the most effective strategies within PR, marketing, and advertising.

This event is a less than 30 minute conversation with Neil Howman of LIVE! and Cindy Zuelsdorf of Kokoro Marketing.

By watching this replay, you’ll find out:

How to make the case that marketing and PR are worth time and budget
The factors to consider when you are deciding on your PR and marketing priorities How you can know when it’s actually working (and when it’s not)
What to do in house vs. out-source
How to balance the tension between PR, marketing, advertising, and sales