Catch the replay. This is for you if you need to refresh your home page copy or write your next trade show description. During this 20-minute mini-workshop, you’ll step through a proven messaging framework used by marketing pros.

Cindy Zuelsdorf of Kokoro Marketing and Kitty Higinbotham of Wall Street Communications will be your guides for this LIVE! On session. When you watch the replay you will get a step-by-step system for your next messaging project. We use it! And it’s inspired by Donald Miller’s Storybrand system.

You’ll discover:
  • Top 2 mistakes to avoid
  • Best way to define your perfect customer/client
  • Best CTAs
  • How to know what to write
  • How to know what not to write


Cindy Zuelsdorf

Glad you’re here. If you want to work on your messaging or branding you’re in the right place. Some of us are writing trade show descriptions for NAB right now, and all that good stuff. And I’m here with Kitty Higinbotham and we are going to get into messaging, branding and give you the framework that we actually use.

Hey, Kitty!

Kitty Higinbotham



Cindy Zuelsdorf

So before we dig in, Caryn, Chris, Lucia, did you want to show where we can all meet up in 20 minutes from now in the rooms?


Caryn Cohen

  • Okay. So we are looking at the platform that we’re all currently on called Live. You can see on the left hand side. It’s a navigation bar. If you ever don’t know where you are. You can hit map view, and it’ll take you there.
  • These are the various rooms. All of us right now are in the main stage. So if you look at main stage, you can see we’re all there.
  • and after we have our little chat you will be able to jump to other rooms. So if you have a question, or you want more discussion with either Cindy or Kitty, you can just hit either of these buttons or the names of the rooms on the side, and you’ll get a leave and join in your zoom window, and you can just join them in another room.
  • And that’s how you use the LIVE! platform.

Cindy Zuelsdorf (Kokoro Marketing)

  • We are going to give two real-life examples of messaging and branding that we put together.
  • And we even have one of the companies on the call here. So I’m really excited about that. I’m sure there’ll be questions – you can jump in. You can talk during the session, and also, we can go to the rooms afterward to chat, and you can just pepper us with questions or whatever you want to do. So that’s how that will look.
  • All right. Let’s get right into it.
  • Kitty and I were talking yesterday about the problem and the challenge, and that’s that we just have such a big story to tell, and so many details, and how to get that wrapped up into like a succinct message that makes sense to our customers, our clients, and just tell them something that resonates and make sense to them.
  • Does that sound familiar to anybody here ? Or am I the only one? Anybody… give me a Yes.
  • You guys are quiet! I got a thumbs up at least…

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