Have you tried paid search and it wasn’t successful? Do you know why?
Are you considering paid search and wondering whether it’s right for you?
Last week, Teresa Hardy (New Media-Designs) and I met up on LIVE! to talk about 3 main topics:
  • Is your website is ready for paid search?
  • Is paid search right for your business at all?
  • What else can you do to be more successful on line?

We walked through a lot of information you can use to win the SEO game without turning to expensive paid search services.


On the replay (approx 20 min) you’ll find out how to:


  • Grow your organic search first
  • Increase brand visibility for the long-run
  • Evaluate if your business is a paid search candidate
  • Optimize website with effective content
  • Make better investments instead of paid search
Watch the replay.