Media Tech Sustainability Summit
Presentation and Panel Videos

SESSION 1: What Is Sustainability Really?

SESSION 1: What Is Sustainability Really?

Welcome and Opening Keynote: What is Sustainability?
    – Deap Khamby, Seismic Change

SESSION 1: What Is Sustainability Really?

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability in Media
    – Tom Moran (Lumen) and Dean Nelson (iMasons)

What’s Missing in Understanding the Sustainability Messaging?
    – Keran Boyd

The CEO Panel:
Why Integrating Sustainability Makes Good Business Sense

    – Chisara Ehiemere (NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business)
Jacques Le Manq (Broadpeak)
Erik Hauters (Tinkerlist)
Nicolas Bourdon (EVS)
Ian McDonough (Blackbird)

SESSION 2: Learn From Others: Case Studies in Sustainability

Mostly Tech Track

Case Study: What’s Old Is New Again, Tape As a Sustainable Storage Choice
    Rich  Gadomski, Fujifilm
Shawn O. Brume, IBM
Moderator: Linda Tadic, Digital Bedrock

Mostly Business Track

Case Study: Sustainability Assessments in Media
April Sodomayor, Albert
Abdul Hakin, The DPP
Paloma Urritia, Mrs. Greenfilm
Moderator: Hemini Mehta, EBU

Case Study: Adjusting Workflows and the Supply Chain To Be Sustainable
Jan-Hendrik Hein, A+E Networks UK
Francois Polarczyk, Accedo
Moderator: Kristan Bullett, Humans Not Robots

Case Study: How To Get Started on Your Sustainability Journey
Baruch Altman, LiveU
Danna Mann, TAG VS
Lauren Kinsman, xperi
Moderator: Birgit Vallmuur, Titan Swan

Case Study: Best Practices for Building Energy Efficient Media Web Applications
Ardaud Leader, Radiant Media Player
Eyal Menin, Multicast Agent
Moderator: Cassidy Phillips, 

Case Study: Sustainability Is Integral to BBC and CBC
Geoff Woolf, BBC
Athena Trastelis, CBC Radio-Canada
Moderator: Andy Rayner, Nevion

SESSION 3: Challenges Remain – How to Move Forward

Case Study: On-Prem, What’s the Sustainability Angle?
Amanda Holstrom, Ross Video
Thomas Edwards, AWS
Alex Redfern, EVS
Moderator: Ellen Williams, Orion Global Solutions

Case Study: Sustainable Live Production
Rohan Mitchell, EMG Live
Baruch Altman, LiveU
Moderator: Ana-Claire Bernardes, IABM

Case Study: Greening of Streaming – LESS Accord
Dom Robinson, Greening of Streaming
Mike Mattera, Akamai
Sam Orton-Jay, V-Nova
Moderator: Ben Schwartz, CTOiC

Case Study: The Case for Virtual Production as a Sustainable Solution
Cedric LeJeune, Fast & Young
Phil Adlam, XPLOR
Phil Holdgate, ITV
Moderator: Dee Davison, Deluxe

Closing Keynote: The Circularity Economy in Hollywood
Alex Porter, Modtech Labs
Drea Burbank, Savimbo